Must Watch : Man Puts Tape on His Smartphone and Colors it in What He Sees Next is Repulsing

When the phones were first invented, no one has imagined that this gadget is going to change the lives of coming ages in this way. The way mobiles are supporting us or are capable of doing things for us, we have named them smartphones because they are smart enough to perform the complex tasks within minutes and that too sitting on the chair. Whether it is booking of tickets or making online transactions, we do not need to leave our chair because smartphones have made our fingers super powerful to control the things.

When we see commercials or advertisements of soaps and home cleaning products over the television or internet then you might have heard of the terms bacteria and during their promotional videos they shows to remove all 100% of that. But in actual these things are so tiny in size that we cannot see with our naked eye, but these are causes of very serious medical problems.

Few days back a man has put tape on the flashlight of his smartphone and has come up with the thing that someone has never seen before. He put normal stationary tape on the flashlight and then colored it in blue. When he turned on the light, he was able to see the bacteria more clearly at various corners of its house. The reason was obvious because we are unable to see those bacteria with bare eye but putting blue color over flashlight have made it to those tiny details as well.

You can also follow the same set of steps and check how better you have cleaned your surroundings to stay clean of any diseases.

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