Aliens Of The Deep: What This Worm Took Out From Its Mouth Will Totally Creep You Out!

We know how vast our world is, especially our water. Until now, even with submarines, we aren’t able to explore the deepest part of it. It feels like our oceans are three or more higher than Mt. Everest and what lies beneath is still unknown. And to prove this, there’s a marine animal that’s freaking out netizen after seeing the video below.

What is this bizarre animal?

marine worm a
This creepy looking animal is a marine worm, a type of ribbon worm. But what’s so frightening about this creature is the white web-like thing spurting out of it.

Reddit user Exxocet, has the closest guess about the specific species this alien worm come from. He suggested the specie is called Gorgonorhynchus.

Exxocet, J.F.G. Wheeler’s study “The Discovery of the Nemertean Gorgonorhynchus and Its Bearing on Evolutionary Theory” says:

“The proboscis of the nemerteans usually consists of an introverted tube in a proboscis sheath, and it is everted like a finger of a glove that has been pulled “outside in’.

This new nemertean has also a proboscis which is retractile within a proboscis sheath, but the proboscis is branched. The branching is of the dichotomous type. During eversion, which takes place almost explosively, the short main trunk. first appears, then this dividess and the finer and filter branches appear, but since each one of these is the result of an evagination the effect is almost indescribable. It is as if a large number of lively, wriggling, minunte worms had been shot out.”

The web-like thing that shoots is the proboscis, a tubular sucking organ that some worms use to feed. And this thing will remain inside the worm unless it needs to eat. Creepy!

Must Watch

This amazing discovery is only a proof that there's more than meets the eye.
No wonder if one day we found more bizarre creatures under the deep.


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