A Step-by-Step Guide To Perfect Winged Eyeliner In 2 Minutes!

The working women have no time to do the perfect eye makeup so here we give you a solution to get the eye makeup fast. Every women wants to look fabulous and chic. The following trick is helpful and it will take only 2 minute.You just need a thin stick to make the winged line and a eyeliner.

1. Take a stick and place it diagonally as shown in the picture.
2. Make three small dots above the stick with the black eyeliner. The stick will help you draw the line.
3. Fill the the dots together so to create the winged line.
4. Make a thin line on your upper lashes from the inner corners of your eyes until the outer corner.Start making another line from the outer lid and connect it with the end of the winged line as shown in the picture 5.
5. Fill the space with the black eyeliner.

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