86-Year-Old Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor Shows Horrifying Scars Of Nuclear War

It was on August 9, 1945 when Japan faced its darkest day, the day where thousands of Japanese were obliterated in a blink of an eye after the US drops an atomic bomb on the port of Nagasaki. This horrifying event leads the Japanese government to surrender and ended the World War II in the Pacific.

70 years had passed but the nightmare of the attack still lingers in the heart of many Japanese survivors on that fateful day and Sumitery Taniguchi is one of them. He will not only tell you the tragic story but also will show you the scars of yesterday’s nuclear war.

86-year-old Sumitery Taniguchi is one of the living survivors of the atomic blast that destroyed Nagasaki port.

70 years later, Taniguchi can still recalls the past as the scars were embedded in his entire body.

He was left with a web-like marks, three ribs rotten away that still press against his lungs, and a disabled left arm.

The 5-ton plutonium bomb called ”Fat Man” was the second atomic bomb used in Japan while the first one was dropped in Hiroshima three days earlier which is lighter than the Fat Man.

Taniguchi was only 16 then and working as a letter carrier when the bomb explode 500 above his home town Nagasaki, which is a vital point for Japan that provides access to Shanghai.

He was riding his bike when the over a mile powerful blast threw him off his bicycle and killed 70,000 people instantly and wounded more.

Dazed after the terrifying blast, Taniguchi wandered around pointlessly for three days not knowing how severely injured he was.

He’s completely unaware that his shattered skin was hanging from his back, shoulder and arm, thinking it was just his torn clothes.

After being rescued, the young Taniguchi had to lie down on his stomach for the next 21 months while recovering from injuries such as burned back, decomposing flesh and exposed bones.

He was in and out of consciousness while he could still hear nurses as asking one another if he is still alive or not.

The damage of the blast on his body is too much that his arm bones grew and blocked the joint, disabling his arm for the rest of his life.

While the American forces drops leaflets of the second bomb attack adding more insult to his injuries. The leaflets are warning to Japan to surrender and if not, more of these bombs will be used against them.

Six days later, Japan surrendered that ended the war in the Pacific.

He and his group hope that no one will ever again suffer the pain of a nuclear blast again.

“I want this to be the end,” said Mr Taniguchi, weak-voiced and struggling for breath, as he slipped his shirt back over his scars.

Watch the first atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima:

There are no winners in war only losers. Each side will suffer the aftermath, innocent people will die, women will be widows and children will be orphans. So, let’s make our world a better place to live in…a peaceful and prosperous place!

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