24 Cheap Chinese Imitations That Will Make You Wet Yourself

As a kid, it didn’t take much to find a toy in your toy box that had ‘Made in China’ plastered across the bottom. One of the biggest countries in the world when it comes to mass-production, it comes as no surprise to hear that there is a shadier side to the business, polluted with fakes.
The fakes don’t start and end with toys though, China have a huge number of knock-offs and fakes on the market. With big brand names being copied and imitated, the results are pretty hilarious.
Have you ever enjoyed some chicken at KFG? Or played a game of FIFA on a PolyStation? I didn’t think so. Here are 32 cheap Chinese imitations that will have you chuckling away to yourself.

1. China have invented an iPhone you can wear on your feet

2. Don’t take the ‘Mike’ China, come on

3. Dolce & Banana

4. Nintendo Polystation?! I smell a fake

5. sdidsa… making expectant kids cry in China since 1985

6. More of those snazzy iPhone shoes

7. I think you’ll find that’s a pear

8.Take a Hike

9. The name is Binbows, Michaelsoft Binbows

10. They still write the wrong names on the cups

11. Wow

12. At least it’s PlayStation compatible

13. Pizza Huh?

14. Kentucky Fried Grouse

15. It’s not a real Nokia unless you can flush it down the toilet and it still works

16. There is so much wrong with this…

17. I’m getting Borio just talking about it

18. We’ve had Hike, and now we’ve got the even more inventive Kine. Bravo China

19. The new Mercedes Bullshit, coming to a showroom near you!

20. Superman’s slightly slower brother

21. Set me your deats bruv

22. I bet it doesn’t snap like a proper Kit Kat

23. Are you sure you don’t mean Duracell?!

24. Seems legit to me

I hate to think about the number of Chinese children who have asked their parents for a PlayStation, only to be given an absolutely worthless PopStation or PolyStation. I would have been genuinely crushed. On another note, no person should ever go into KFG to eat, because God only knows that the ‘G’ stands for. In more amazing China news, they hold a Miss World Bikini competition, but forget to invite the rest of the globe. Classic China.

Source: http://www.viralthread.com/cheap-chinese-imitations-that-will-make-you-wet-yourself/

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