15 Magnet GIFs That Will Attract Your Attention

Magnets area unit undeniably cool. notwithstanding what quantity I examine them and check out to know, the mystery is rarely resolved. whereas I perceive however they work, the consequences that they exert on the globe around U.S. area unit thus nice that it's tough to actually grasp. These gifs solely serve to more amaze American state.

1. This is what happens when a magnetic field is applied to ferrofluid.

2. Shattering glass using two magnets.

3. This is what happens when you apply a magnet to an old TV. The magnet disrupts the path of electrons firing at the glass, and can permanently damage the picture.

4. A magnet inside a copper tube.

5. A neodymium magnet being absorbed by magnetorheolical fluid.

6. A well set-up bottle opener with a magnet to catch the caps.

7. This is what happens when you apply an electro-magnet to aluminum.

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