100-Minute-Old Newborn Baby Becomes Youngest Organ Donor In The World - Must Watch

Every women likes their babies. Death can come even to the youngest ones. But leaving a mark or a legacy of the departed is something loved ones will surely treasure forever.

Meet Teddy Houlston, the youngest organ donor in the world whose parents gave his kidneys and heart valves to those in need.
Teddy died 100 minutes or less than 2 hours after her mother gave birth to him and his twin, Noah.Teddy is suffering with anencephaly, in which a baby is born without some parts of the brain or skull. Doctors already advised the parents to terminate Teddy before delivery, but they do not ready for that.

Anencephaly usually occurs during the first four weeks of pregnancy. Babies with this condition will unlikely to survive either die in utero or during childbirth. Can only survive for a few hours. In extremely rare cases, anencephalic babies only live for days.
The couple decided to donate the baby's organs to help save somebody else's life.

The other baby is properly alright and he cried so loud.

When i put him in my arms it is the most beautiful memory I will ever have. We only had him for 100 minutes, but the memory will last forever, says Jess.


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