Your Nose Reveals Who You Are!

Let your nose talk to you, about you:-

Wavy Nose Type: this nose is long, smaller and straight from the top and bump at the tip. People with this nose type love their life, enjoy it well and fill it with fun and joys. In short, they have a happy go lucky feel for their life.

Snub, Small Nose Type: small nose is smaller in width and length. They are fun people and always enjoy group activities. They are creative and imaginative too, but they may be impatient, short temper and frustrated too. They love their work and do it with full dedication.

Hooked Nose Type: these people are bit arrogant. And if you fail to make them feel important and special then it will create big disaster for you. They have their own ways to do something or follow their dreams.

Nubian Nose Type: basically this nose is long in shape with wide ends. People with this nose are positive by attitude. And always come forward with out of the box solution of any problem. Basic features, they have attractiveness, expressive and emotional.

Flat Nose Type: they are short in temper and quick to temper. But they also are great helping hand for others.

Convex Nose Type: people with this kind of nose are impatient and furious in approach towards life.

Straight Nose Type:  this nose type has also named as Greek nose. One of the most appealing nose types with narrow nostrils. These people are clever by nature and helpful by soul.

Concave Nose Shapes: this nose also named as upturned nose. People with nose are kind, generous, supportive and full of optimistic and enthusiastic approach.

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