What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Do you know that science has justifications for your sleeping positions and postures as well? Your particular sleeping action can reveal lot more about you and your partner. Today we will explore various sleeping positions that couples adopt and what are their indications. Let’s see which fits you.

The Pursuit: The pursuit is the reverse spoon as the first person now requires more space for himself and the partner should positively support the all affection required by her better half.

Like Shingles: In this position the partner which requires his/her head to rest on the other’s hand or shoulder is considered as the dependent and the other shows the great care.

The Spoon: Spoon is the most romantic sleeping position and reveals great chemistry between the couple. During the early years of marriage couples are seen in this. This sleeping position indicates the giving nature of the female where she gives herself fully to her male partner to nurture the feelings and sensation.

Zen Style: In Zen style both are touching each other but not to make love, hence it can be considered as both requires their space and hence creating a boundary from the other.

The Honeymoon Hug: As the name suggests, the sleeping position is the most intimating and suitable indication of love making.

Loosely Tethered: This sleeping position is same exactly to the spoon but with more space which signifies the proper space and compromise of affection. Over the passing years of marriage, this can be seen when couple understand each other much better.

The Leg Hug: This position is absolutely not for loving couples as they both are touching their legs but not going ahead to make it a happy ending. This is just like legs are touched un-intentionally.

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