THIS Is Why You Wear Sunblock! (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

A student from Manchester, England ignored teachers' warnings to apply sunscreen on a trip to Spain

15-Year Old Connor Pritchard's mother is angry as the school, accusing them of neglect due to her son's burns

Students were advised to apply SPF 50 or stronger, but Connor and 4 other students ended up in the hospital

Taking one look at him, his mom Estelle took him straight to the hospital

The mother is outraged that she never received a contract telling parents the dangers of going without sunscreen

However, directors weren't allowed to use the emollient themselves, thus it had been up to the scholars to look at their backs, literally.

Connor, return on bro. don't let your mater take this story to the net. emollient may be a no brainer once going shirtless in Kingdom of Spain, there's no one guilty however yourself.

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