The SHOCKING 7 Ingredients In Beauty Products

1 Chicken Bone Marrow

Used in face creams, bone marrow is medication.

2 Cochineal Beetles

Red lipstick and blush could contain crushed beetles, that facilitate produce red tones.

3 Breast Milk

This is embezzled in most states, however some soap could contain human breast milk united of its ingredients.

4 Mink Or Emu Oil

Shaving creams, sunscreens, hairsprays, et al could contain fat that's scraped off the rear of a mink or emu.

5 Infant Foreskin

Yep, baby foreskin could also be employed in some anti-aging product for its albuminoid, antioxidants, and growth factors.

6 Whale Vomit

Want to smell good? however concerning some whale vomit, as a result of that is what several perfumes use as a base.

7 Snail Snot

One of the most important discoveries is that the slime that snails eliminate, that is currently found in serums for the skin.

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