The Amazing Starburst Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial

Every girl require a new nail art designs. But for perfect nail design you should have the right steps, you can definitely do it on your own.We will show you the new and amazing nail art design which is so beautiful and can creating by having these thing
- black nail polish
-dotting tool
-white nail polish
-silver and red glitter nail polish
-piece of sponge.

1. Apply black nail polish over your nails and let them dry completely.

2. Get a piece of sponge and apply silver glitter nail polish on it, place the sponge on your nails but make sure you leave the black nail polish close to your cuticles untouched.

3. Repeat the same step using red glitter nail polish as pictured.

4. Get a dotting tool and dip it into white nail polish and create a dot right in the center of your nail as shown in picture.

5. Get a smaller dotting tool and create four more dots around the big dots. You are done.

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