Sleeping Positions To Stay Healthy - 10 Best And Worst Ways To Sleep During The Night

Sleeping on your back
Sleeping on your back keeps your neck, head, and spine in a neutral position without exerting any pressure on the back. This is a good sleeping position. This is because you have to keep your back straight and not force it on your body.

Sleeping on your side
Lying on the bed on your side is helpful as it aligns the spine and prevents backache. Pressing half of body on the mattress will lead to saggy breasts so it’s not recommended to stay in this position all night.

Sleeping on your stomach
Sleeping on your stomach is to be avoided as it puts a lot of strain on your spine. The pressure it puts on your muscles and joints will lead to no. of problems.

Foetal position
Foetal position is when you’re curled up into a ball. This is probably one of the worst positions to sleep as it can cause a number of problems with your neck and back.

Pillow-supplemented position
To get a better rest with less spinal pain, consider the pillow-supplemented position.This will result in improved sleep and much less discomfort.By maintaining a comfortable position, your body will gain numerous health benefits and your sleep quality will surely improve.

On your back with your arms up
This position is “starfish” and is considered to be good for the back. The starfish position is that it can put pressure on your shoulders so it’s best to use extra pillows in order to prevent discomfort.

Couples sleeping on the edge of the bed, facing in opposite directions
This is a position where couples leave lots of space between themselves during sleep. facing away from each other are happy and content in their relationship, however, if this habit continues you may need to re-think your relationship.

Spooning is perfect for reducing stress, but it can cause aches and pains.

Couples facing each other
Sleeping next to your partner with your bodies facing each other allows for two of you to have some physical contact. It’s a healthy sleeping position due to its high level of intimacy.

You sleep back to back without touching
Sleeping back to back is the most popular position.Studies state that it’s much more comfortable to sleep on your own than back to back with someone you love.To lessen the distance between the two people, it’s best to keep less than an inch away from each other.Back to back sleepers are likely to be in good shape and affectionate but they can be afraid of intimacy.

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