Water has many health benefits, and I suppose that you already heard of it. But did you hear about water diet? Water diet is nothing but a way to lose your weight effortlessly. This option is quick and easy way to lose your weight. It makes you look thinner, but healthier. Your daily intake of water depends upon various factors like age, weight, s_x, environment and activity level. And if you are serious about losing your weight, then you should try out this water diet. Let’s have a look: -

Two hours reminder: it’s important to hydrate yourself. So after every two hours you need to drink water. Urination is the best indication of liquid required by your body.

Flavorful water: you can use effervescent electrolyte powder to add some flavor to the plain water. So that you can take it as a replacement of your cold drinks or any drink which contains lots of calories. These flavors also increase your bone density.

Sparkling water: if you are like to drink soda or be its biggest follower, but wanted to lose weight than sparkling water is not less than a wonderful option. Sparkling water leads you towards the weight loss and also fulfill your soda craving. But if you have IBS than don’t try this because it will make your condition worsen.

Water contains: you should eat those fruits and veggies, which contains high amount of water content. Like watermelon, watermelon contains almost 90 to 92% of water content.

Soup and juice instead to fruit: if you don’t want to eat fruits, then you can make juice or soup out of them. It fulfills your water need well.

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