See Now: Right And Wrong Ways For Couples To Sleep Together

Girls are advised to keep there long hair away while you are in the spooning position. It will make your partner uncomfortable during sleep. Tie your hair properly and keep them aside so they are not smothered by your hair.

When girl cradle in your arms then make sure to make her feel comfortable and do not try to “cop a feel”. She should not be in an awkward position while cuddling else she will end up with stiff neck and pain.

While sleeping with a baby, allow baby to sleep in between and avoid positions which can end up look like donkey kong and the roundhouse kick.

If she likes to sleep on the corner then give her a space and avoid sneaking up behind. This will give you good night sleep and a healthy relationship.

Facing each other, partner cradling your head on his cheast, spooning, sleeping opposite sides of the bed will keep you both happy this is all that matters.

If you are a pet lover and wants them to sleep with you then keep them by your feet or they will occupy the whole space which in turn could lead to accidents.

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