See How You Can Do Your Makeup In Summer

Every girl wants to have a light makeup in summer which gives a radiant glow. The skin needs to breathe and relax, that why doesn’t need heavy foundation and powders. Apply makeup only where needed for example to cover black circles around the eyes. We have a step by step process to follow for a perfect summer makeup that is not heavy and aloow your skin to breathe, feel radiant and comfortable.

You will need:
– facial cleanser
– moisturizer with SPF
– powder
– concealer
– blush
– eyeshadow
– mascara and lipgloss
– different makeup brushes

1. Clean your face well, moisturize it and let the cream be absorbed by skin.
2. Use a cream that protect you by summer rays.
3. Apply mineral powder all over your face.
4. Use concealer under your eyes to hide any black or dark areas.
5. Apply blush on your cheekbones to give some color to the face.
6. Apply some eyeshadow on the lids, you can skip if you feel good about not wearing any eyeshadow.
7. Apply mascara and some lip gloss to make your eyes look bigger and give a nice glow to your lips.

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