Nanny Kills Baby By Sitting On And Smothering Him To Death Wanted To Stop Crying

Any parents never expected to receive a phone call from a hospital who tell them that their child is dead.But this happens with Mr. and Mrs. Wei who decided to enrolled their son in a private daycare center for a few hours every week.

There were two daycare staff assigned to the 5 babies for the day and whenever one of the babies cried one of the nannies would tuck the child under her leg. She smothered the child beneath her thigh until they stopped crying from lack of air.

Sometimes, if that didn’t work, she would step on the back of the child’s head.

The footage reveals that on that day the nanny threw a blanket over little Wei junior and then settled her leg over the back of his head in her signature wrestling move. She then waited for 10 minutes before removing her leg and blanket to check on the 8 month old baby. She told police she was shocked to discover that he wasn’t breathing.Now Mr. and Mrs. Wei only goal is to close the daycare and ensure that the nanny would never work in childcare ever again.

Please watch this video.

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