Must Read : A Complete Guide To Removing Warts, Moles, Skin Tags and Oil Clogs Naturally!

GARLIC: garlic is best suited natural remedies because it is economical and efficient. Extract the juice of garlic if you have warts, moles and skin tags. Apply that juice over the targeted area and wrap a band aid around it. Do this application two to three times a day until the skin tag or wart removes.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: although this apple cider vinegar is very useful in many other skin issues, but it is also works effectively in removing skin tags moles and others. Apple cider vinegar effectively kills bacteria formation and disorder which one of the reason of warts. Same as garlic application, apply it, wrap it with a band aid and remove after a few hours. Best suitable time is night.

BANANA: banana contains a magical element which works effectively over the skin tags. Peel the banana and apply it on the targeted skin. Cover it with the band aid or duct tape. Best suitable time for this application is night, so that it works overnight.

RAW HONEY: raw honey is hard to find but very effective remedy for your skin problems and specially the skin problems. Apply a thick layer of raw honey over the targeted area and let it remain there for 24 hours. Apply again with a specific time interval.
Skin tags, warts, moles are no more a issue.

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