Meet The World’s Tallest Women Will Blow Your Mind

See the daily lives of 4 women who mount during 6ft 6in or taller.

Lindsay is one of a stars of a new five-part series. The 27-year-old singer and former wrestler from Los Angeles gets her tallness from her father.Lindsay binds a Guinness World Record for Tallest Actress in a Leading Role.Lindsay says she gets looks everywhere she goes and has problem anticipating garments that fit.

Colleen (Coco) is a 6’6″ former veteran volleyball actor who also stars in a show.She says taht ‘I only wish normal lady things. we wish love, respect, happiness.

Teenager Nancy, 16, is also 6ft 9in and is still in high school.She plays basketball though also struggles with bland things like training to expostulate as she can’t fit her prolonged legs in many cars.

Haleigh, who, during 6ft 7in, is dating 5ft 8in Bryan.Haleigh is 6ft 7in and is preparing to marry a man who is 5ft 8in.

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