How to Choose the Perfect Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?

Hello girls this article is totally dedicated to you. I know what are those things which make a girl very excited? Its nature, its teddy wear, its chocolate,but number one is beauty. A Girl always wanted to be beautiful whether she is tom boy kind or rock chick kind a girl, and obviously makeup is the first priority for every girl who wanted to be beautiful.

Lipstick is the first and very know requirement of makeup. But still many of the girls don’t know which color, which shade is suitable on their skin tone, outfit, and occasion. But don’t worry girls I am here to help you only. So here we go: -

Skin tone: determination of skin tone is must because color and shades may vary from skin to skin. Like girls with fair complexion, use shades like blue red, light pink, light peach. Medium skin tone girls can use blood red, pink and peach. Olive skin tone girls can use dark red, berry and apricot color. Dark skin tone girls can use brown red, dark berry, dark apricot color.

Everyday color: try out those which you can wear on a regular basis. You can try the one to two shades dark colors and try out applying it on your hands. And you can also experiment with the shades.

Red need to be right: use your skin tone a tool or as a guide in deciding which color will be suitable for you as I already tell you the color with every skin tone. Of course red color gives you a classy look.

Try color before you buy: every store provides a tester of each color.

Try out these formulas before buying your next color.

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