Golden Age Eye Makeup

This makeup design is especially made for small eyes as it will make the eyes look bigger. Have a look at the steps given below in the article and read it for details.

Apply primer to the eye lids.
Smudge the eye liner with a brush.
Apply a golden coloured shimmery eye shadow on the lids.
Highlight the inner corner of the eyes.
Highlight or enhance the lid at the bottom also.
Use a black colour to trace the upper and bottom lines of the eyes too.
Apply mascara to give a finishing touch.
Colour the eye brows.
Take a cotton ball to fix any mistakes.

The golden age eye makeup is ready for you to wear it in a party. It’s mostly worn in night parties. It will give you a golden age look and you will feel beautiful wearing this style of eye makeup. Make sure you read the instructions well before applying this style on your own. You can also take help of some websites which contains details about its application and a variety from which you can choose. Well have a look at the information for better results.

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