Braid Tie of Ponytail Hairstyles Step By Step

There are many hairstyles in which a braid is tied to create a ponytail. So basically it is a braid cum ponytail hairstyle. Here we will talk of one such hairstyle which is known as the Chinese staircase ponytail braid. It is slightly complicated to make. You need to follow instructions and have practice to create this style. Following items are required to create this style.

Couple of elastic bands or hair bands
A good quality moisturizing shampoo cum conditioner
A tail comb
A brush

Following are the steps to create this style. Have a look.

Wash your hair with a shampoo and then dry you hair and make a side ponytail.
Taking a small piece of hair and wrapping it around like a hair band.
Create a small loop when you do the above step so that some hair can pass through it creating a small knot too.
Add some more hair and create another such knot. Repeat this process.
Keep knotting until the end of the ponytail.
Secure the ends with an elastic.

Your Chinese staircase ponytail braid is ready.

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