Braid Lift & Secure

But currently let’s specialize in the hairstyle:

Divide the hairstyle in 2 equal sections – high and bottom.

Tie the highest section into a high coiffure. Divide it in 2 components and twist them along. Hold the tip and wrap it round the base of the coiffure – round the hair band. Secure with officer pins.

Then create a falls braid with rock bottom section of hair.

Lift the hanging finish of the braid and wrap it round the twisted bread.

Secure once more with officer pins.

All done. Your formal hairstyle is prepared.

Now you must match it with massive earrings.

I’m certain that you just can look superb, particularly if you decide on to place a unsupported dress. i really like the female look of a unsupported dress + elegant coiffure.

Have fun!

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