Best 4 Steps to Apply Perfect Flick Cat Eyes

The Eyes are the only part of our body where we apply lots of product to give it a complete look. A Product like eye shadow, eye primer, kohl, mascara, eye liner, and concealer are the essentials to complete an eye makeup. The most exciting thing about eye makeup is variation.If you want to give yourself a new style then experiments are most welcome here. But eye makeup is more risky as well because reconciliation here is a tough job, if something is done wrong. And of course doing something with closed eye is equally tough.


If you feel some trouble in making straight and sharp line with pencil eyeliner,so here we tell you a trick to sort out this issue. All you need is pencil eyeliner and issue paper. To make a pointed eyeliner, rub it on the tissue paper from one side till it became pointed. Then you are done, pointed eyeliner is ready to give you a flawless flick.

But be careful while doing this trick, don’t push hard the point against the tissue paper, otherwise it will break down. This trick helps you a lot for sure.


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