A Quick Guide To Your Color Personality.

YELLOW : Yellow is the color of the "great communicators." Journalists and media people-press,radio,television and entertainment-all embody yellow. They are people with no shortage of words. Yellow are sunny and willing.People feel good around yellows, who are always full of fun broadcast a general feeling of well-being. Those under the influence of yellow exhibit style and sophistication.

GREEN/OLIVE : An idealist, green has a strong social conscience. Green people are often quick to help others, even when this is at their own expense. The green character is dependable, diplomatic, and tactful. The search for balance, harmony, stability, and a settled way of life are particularly green traits!

TURQUOISE/TEAL : The turquoise personality appears extremely calm, and very balanced, but there is fire burning beneath that cool exterior.They represent serenity and tranquility. Turquoise say what they feel rather than what is appropriate. They are exquisitely perceptive. They are lovers of antiques and usually acquire some bargains. They are self-sufficient and when they want to be, extremely ambitious.

BLUE/ROYAL BLUE : Blue personalities embody the saying " still waters run deep." They are deep thinkers and wont leap without much forethought. Blues posses a tranquil spirit, yet it is peace with a purpose: their thinking is quiet. Integrity, honor , and sincerity are blue traits. They are highly inventive, and are often drawn to poetry, philosophy and writing as professions.

BLACK : Within the black personality lies something dormant or buried, just as the black winter contains the seeds for next spring. At the heart of black lies discipline, which in turn brings about freedom and liberation. Black people are capable of overcoming extreme restrictions. Black personalities are artistic, idealists, and are people or promise.

GRAY : The gray personality is optimistic, and knows the best is yet to come. The gray personality is always desperate to leave their present situation. Grays tenacity is as firm as a rock, constantly striving for a harmonious stability. Gray people will never rush into a project or falsely commit to any situation. Grays prefer to live a quiet, respectable life so that they can have space.

PURPLE/LAVENDER : Purples are often rulers. Spiritual mastery is also under purple: those who strive for enlightened perfection do so under its influence. Also found here are the visionaries, working with the highest levels of thought , and seeing and hearing without using physical sense. Those under purple use its psychic perception on an everyday basis. They can be seen as mysterious and powerful.

RED/ROSE : The red character is full of the spirit of physical life, the will to live. Red personalities are filled with adrenaline, determination, fire, and drive. Possessed of tireless energy, they embody courage, liberation, tenacity, confidence, passion and excitement.

PINK : Pink represents spiritual beauty and upliftment, universal love, compassion, and the fulfillment of potential. Pink signifies the true love that we all search for, constant, faithful and forgiving.

ORANGE : Orange people are self-reliant, practical, genial, tolerant, and warmhearted. Positive optimism is a particularly orange trait. The orange character is friendly and may be the life and soul of the party. At the same time they are great supporters of the community. Orange people are usually good cooks and sportsmen.

BROWN/EARTH : Brown people are models of reliability and solidarity. They are the salt of the earth: down-to-earth, capable, and as safe as houses. They go about life with a quiet assurance, but there is still a touch of red fire in brown, which can surprise occasionally. Browns are deep thinking and studios, they understand that there is more to life than one can see.

WHITE : White's fundamental characteristic is equality: all colors are equal with white. Whit personalities have faith derived from reason, and a tranquility that conjures hope. They embody fairness and unity and strive toward purity of spirit.

GOLD : Gold personalities have a purity that speaks simply: i am. They do not seek, because they have already found. They have access to deep inner knowledge, to their own soul experience from all that's past. Most importantly, they know themselves.

SILVER : There is a constant yearning in silver people for spiritual harmony-silver is the thread of cosmic and intelligence. Silver characters have quick and intelligent minds. Silvers never stand about- they are constantly changing like the waxing and waning of the moon. Silver's lives always remain in a fluid state. The are lovers of the sea and have a great quality of endurance.


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