Web Design Company in Calgary

Designing a web consists of two things i.e. design a webpage and design a website. These two steps are involved in the process of web design. A “webpage” is generally known as a single HTML document and a group or collection of related web pages is called as “website”. So, web design is a process of designing a good website requires more than just putting together a few pages. Layout of web pages is another aspect, which is very important task related to web design and this is so because poor layout will give you results in form of difficult navigation, visually unappealing, and hard to locate information on page etc.

Accurate monitors and dimensions are very important in order to obtain high quality resolution of web page layouts. As, we are talking about the web design, so there comes an important term named as “splash page”, which is termed as index.html file, and this is the first page and we can say key page visitors usually see. So, in order to create an effective and attractive web page, it is important to make this splash page more visually attractive, easy to navigate, and informative. A crucial part of web designing, is to decide what info goes on each page such as:

Friends’ page
Personal page
Family page
Hobbies page

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