Stunning Makeup for All Eyes

In order to make your eyes look broader and more expressive, you can make use of eye powder and apply it with eye brush. You should choose that shade that matches your hair color. Apply it softly on the brows to make them shine brightly. Then comes the application of eye shadow on the brows. To make your eyes look expressive apply a pale light shade of eye shadow over the brow bone area. You can also apply a grey colored eye shadow over your eye lids. Then use an eye liner on your eyes to make them look smoky.

Use a sharpened eye pencil to give a shape to your eyes. Apply a thick layer with the pencil especially a black coloured one. This will go for all types of eyes. Whether round, small, big, bulgy and all colours whether black, brown or green. You can also apply a matching colored eye color over the eye lids something that suits your dress. A tutorial for the same will teach you how to create such eye makeup on your own with the help of information available on the internet. You can read information or simply download it to increase your chances of learning.

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