Scottish Pattern Nail Art Design Step By Step

You can be an artist yourself by trying the Scottish pattern nail art on your own nails. All you have to do is follow the following steps with dedication-

You need a thin brush.

You need nail polishes of colours red, silver glitter, green and white.

Do French manicure on your nails first.

Let the tips be of white colour.

Leave it to dry off.

You need to then paint a plus sign with red nail paint.

Completing it with a green colour.

Create vertical and horizontal lines adding some glitter nail paint to it.

Your Scottish nail pattern is ready.

That’s all you have to learn in Scottish nail art style. It is very simple to create. Not much requirements of fuss is involved into it. You can do it yourself or walk into a beauty salon to get it done too. You must be clear about the pattern or design and how exactly it is to be created on your nails. It is important that you learn the design from a good tutorial first. There are many such tutorials available on the internet itself. Just go through them.

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