Nice Easy Long Cat Eye Makeup

What can match your best fashion wardrobe than the tingly and fashionable cat eye makeup? Today we are taking this tutorial in which we will be making you learn this simple and easy cat eye makeup. Following this tutorial you will be able to add one more fashion trick to your soft skills. So let’s begin.

Start by washing your face and specially eyes.

If possible put some drops of rosewater into the water you are using for washing your face because rose water gives the freshness.

Now pick the eye brush start preparing an outline along the upper lash line.

You should start from the outer boundary and match it towards the lash line.

When you have primary outline, make it thick by following the repetition for multiple number of times.

Keep it elegant and thin within the eye shape and make it a bit curvy at the edges.

This will give it an exact cat eye look.

Your eye makeup is ready and you have done it pretty nicely. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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