How to Make a Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle - Must Try!

When you are getting late for office or any party, and want a quick and simple hairstyle. But Hairstyle is which matches your style statement. Making a bun is the simplest thing one can do with her hairs. Presently, Simple buns are out of fashion. So try this cinnamon bun, which is quick as well as simple. So you will make it within 5 minutes, but with a little practice.

This hairstyle starts from back of your head.

Divide your hairs in two parts with the help of tail comb. But keep in mind line should be neat and clean, and horizontal.

Now make a rough bun of upper parting, on upper side. And fix it with the parting pins, so that hair will not mess up.

Now comb your lower side hairs, and make a simple bun with them. Pin up this bun firmly, so that it will not open or loose.

Now take upper hairs comb them, and roll the hairs on the bun. Start the roll from the right hand side.

Finally, pin up the hairs firmly again.

Now your bun is ready.

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