Homemade Your Own Nose Pore Strip

Several times you use egg as your beauty fix, on face, on hairs as well. Undoubtedly, it works well over the areas. But how many times you able to think to make your own nose pore stripe out of egg? I believe, equal to zero time you think so. Eggs are good as mask on face for cleansing and purifying. So do it yourself by following these steps

Collect all the ingredients for this DIY, egg white and paper towel. You can use tissue paper and cotton pad as well but they work less effectively and time for leaving is different.

Wash your nose area where you want to apply this trick.

Dip a paper towel into egg white, which you already cut according to the size of your nose. Apply it directly onto your nose.

Wait till its dry. Then peel off when it completely dries, it takes around 10 minutes. And you are done.
Using peel off mask is not good for skin on regular basis. But if you use commercial nose strips, then this strip is recommended to you in place of artificial one.

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