Hologram Nail Polish Walmart

Decorating your nails is always a fun part of fashion you can use different colors, designs and accessories. And in this era of trendy nail art your paint doesn’t nicely. So this will make you always search for something new. You often try different nail paint colors, white, black, pink, blue, etc. Different nail deigns like chevrons, floral, strips, etc. And also use different nail accessories like glitter, stickers etc. Now let’s try out this nail design Hologram nail polish. So let’s start.

Paint your nail with blue nail paint, or any color you want. Use your brush smoothly so that no lumps will be created on nails.

When your nail paint became dry, put primer on the nails to make it smoother.

Now put the hologram sticker on the nail before primer became dry. Primer works as glue to keep the hologram on your nails.

Fix the hologram sticker with the help of cotton bud. And please be careful with the sticker and try to make it as smoother as you can.

Now cut out the extra sticker from nails.

Now you are all set for the party.

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