French Manicure Decorate

After having French manicure, you definitely want your hands to look fabulous. Without a stunning nail art, how it is possible? So try out this nail art, which is extremely fantastic and looks fabulous on your beautiful hands.

For this DIY all you need is bottle guard green color, pink color, blue color and glittery black color, small pieces of plastic sheet.

When you are ready with your shaped nail. Firstly, paint your whole nail with green color. But be careful regarding smoothness.

Now place one small sheet on lower side of your nail, diagonally so that you can create the shape off board.

Pick the small sheets one by one and arrange them on to your nail to create the pattern.

You can use your imagination and creativity to shape the pattern and try out the various new forms with absolutely no limit.

When you have finished the pattern, drop the final layer of the top coat which will protect your art from vanishing and will keep it live longer.

So this is all about the French manicure, try it out and hear the appreciating comments from your friends and relatives.

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