Fancy Braided Roll Hairstyle

If you wish to look classy and elegant then a fancy braided roll hairstyle is a must to make. There are different types of braided roll hairstyles that you can make on your own while taking help from a good tutorial. You can make this hairstyle during the daytime or the night time. Look at the following braided roll hairstyles-

Braided Gibson roll- this fancy hairstyle looks very feminine and soft worthy of any occasion or venue.

Headband roll/tuck- this a gorgeous headband roll that takes only a few minutes to be made. It is the most ideal for pool parties. It can be made on long hair as well as short hair.

Side swept roll up do- this is a very stunning hairstyle perfect for the red carpet. You will certainly look different and beautiful in this hairstyle.

Petit victory rolls- here the locks would be enviable. As you make braids out of your hair and then make the victory roll out of them. It’s a more classic and a dramatic look with this type of hairstyle. You can make this hairstyle on all sorts of events and manage to look good.

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