Dutch Mermaid Side Braid Hairstyle Step By Step

Mermaids are beautiful and so is our hairstyle which is the creative thought of making a different braid hairstyle. We will be making a side braid which is so elegant to be followed for any party evening or any casual occasion. As we are taking this tutorial, we will try to cover all the necessary points so that you feel comfortable while learning and can easily follow along.

First comb your hairs all back; it will make your hairs fall straight and smooth.

Smooth hairs are easy to handle rather than all messy and crossed hairs.

Now pick some hairs in 3-4 different sections and guide these to make a crossed braid along the left ear.

Make the braid end till the hair length.

Now grab hairs from the back of neck and similarly create one more braid alongside.

At the last you need to merge both the braids to make it one. Put hairs pins accordingly to keep hairs in place.

You also need to put elastic at the tip of the braid so that it doesn’t gets loose with time.

Your mermaid side braid hairstyle is perfectly done.

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