Dry Your Nails in Just 1 Minute

You have just finished your manicure and out for the party but waiting for the nail paint to dry. Your regular nail paint may require sufficient time to dry so that it doesn’t go off with your clothes or any other things that comes your way. So what you should do to let it dry so quick and absolutely normal? Today we are telling you some of the alternatives that you should try to dry your nail paint faster than normal.

You can use the ice water right after you have finished painting your nails, it will make the nail paint dry sooner and quicker.

Rather than giving a solid thick layer of nail paint you can try putting a tiny or thinner layer which will dry sooner.

You can put your fingers in bowl containing sun flower oil for few seconds than wash off your fingers with normal running water.

As a top coat you can also try market available products which will make the process of dry so faster.

So these are some of the tried and tested ways you can use to dry your nails faster after manicure.

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