Crown Bouffant For Fancy Occasions

Crown bouffant can be created with a lot of ease without much problem especially for those fancy occasions such as the wedding parties, birthday parties or a ball. It can easily be created. Perhaps you should know how to create it. Make sure you have the following items with you to create this hairstyle-

Tail comb
Hair gel
Hair spray
Hair moose
Bobby pins
Rubber band

With the above you can start creating this hairstyle. First divide your hair into 2 sections. Tease your hair from the forehead to the back with the tail comb to create some volume. Then you need to brush off your hair so that a ponytail is created to the top part of the head. But the part which is closer to the crown leave it loose. Roll the hair on your fingers and keep rolling it upwards till its tucked in well. Pin every side of the roll with bobby pins. Then taking all the rolls creates a puff on the back part of the head. Your bouffant hairstyle is ready to rock. You can check out some of the top tutorials from the internet and start practicing this hairstyle on your own at home.

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