Classy Wave Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytails are in trend and it perfectly suits tall girls. You can go with either shorter pony tail or high length ponytail. One other variant of ponytail is the wavy ponytail. We will be creating wave curls in your regular ponytail to make it more classy and fantastic.

First you should have properly shampoo your hairs and then dry them.

Comb them back to make them straighten and smooth for easy handling.

Now make a regular ponytail as your daily do.

Put elastic band around to hold the hairs. You can make either low end ponytail or top high ponytail.

Pick some hairs from the pony and wrap them around the elastic to give more generous look. It just hides the elastic.

Now split the pony in two halves and once again give them a round of comb.

Now wrap them around the roll and keep doing it repeatedly for 3-4 times.

Now you can release your hairs and get to see the curls.

You classy wavy ponytail is ready to move with the fashion style of your wardrobe.

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