Braid Bun Hairstyles Step By Step

If you have long hair then you can make a number of braids and then convert them into a bun. Your braid bun hairstyle will be ready. It depends on the kind of braid and the kind of bun you wish to make. It the hot season you might want to pin up your hair or make a bun especially if your hair is long. Here is a super cute idea to make a unique braid bun hairstyle. Look at the following steps and create a braid bun on your own.

Wash your hair with shampoo and make use of a good quality conditioner so that your hair is conditioned well.
Brush your hair so that it is tangle free and smooth.
Divide your hair into 2 to 3 sections.
Make a French plat or a braid of your choice.
Hold the braids and create a bun of your choice.
Your braid bun hairstyle is ready.
The hairstyles vary from the different braids and buns that you choose to make.

So we see that for long hair this hairstyle is most suitable. It will make you look not only beautiful but elegant and simple at the same time.

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