Beauty Hairstyle

This hairstyle is not that simple as the name suggests but then as well we will try to make it better for you. Looking at the images we get to know that we need to work on three major sections of the hairs namely, top, middle and lower. We will be creating braids at each section and then tying those braids together to make the knot. So sit relax as you will be guide properly as the complete beginner as we will move ahead in this tutorial.

First you need to divide your hairs in three sections namely, top, middle and lower section.

Prepare two braids from each side of the head using the hairs of the lower section.

Try to make the braids as tight as possible to create the superior effect.

Now tie those two braids together to make the central knot at the middle.

Similarly from the hairs of the middle section make two braids and discover a knot from those.

Now it’s turn for the top section.

From top section just roll the hairs in particular direction and as they start to fold, make a knot at the same point.

Your beauty hairstyle is completed.

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