Warrior Princess Hairstyles Step By Step

Warrior princess hairstyle is one of the most royal hairstyle and hence it is called as warrior princess. These kinds of hairstyles we usually see in Hollywood movies. Today we will be taking on this hairstyle as a step by step tutorial and will make you do it for yourself.

First grab some hairs around both ears and fix them using the hair clip.

Now from the left over hairs, make a tiny braid in the middle of the head line which will be placed over the loose hairs.

Now bring back the hairs you have kept in clips. Keep them back and make another braid using these two bunches.

Now you have loose hairs and on top of that two tiny braids.

Now pick both the braids and make a complex braid using both.

This will give you a complex yet powerful braid.

Now use the hair spray to give the regular moisturization and shine to the hairs.

Attach pin to hold the braid aligned with the rest of the hairs.

Now take out this style and let your friends see it. They will now give you warrior princess nickname because of this fascinating hairstyle.

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