The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions

Sound sleep is necessary for a healthy body and sound is sleep when you take in perfect posture. Many of us might not be aware about the different sleeping positions because everyone sleeps their own way hence no discussion is taken further. We have examined and questioned peoples over their sleeping positions and have come out with their personal experiences that we are about to share with you. Following this we get to know about pros and cons of each sleeping position.

On your back: This is the most common sleeping position and can be assumed as the best sleeping position because of the majority of the audience following this. This keeps your back and neck straight and keeps so away from back aches and neck pain. In this position complaint of acid reflux has gone to minimal. But we have observed increased cases of snoring with this position. One more problem with this sleeping position is sleeping apnea which is the discomfort in sleeping.

Sleeping on the side: Sleeping on the side is recommended by the sleep specialists because of the fact that it allows the body to rest in a more comfortable position. During the sleep on side, you can experience un-interrupted sleep. It has decreased snoring cases and improved circulation during pregnancy.

Sleeping on the stomach: Sleeping on the stomach is a big no from everyone. It provides the restlessness and your body remains in discomfort during the sleep. One has to keep moving during the sleep because of the pressure exerted on the stomach. Sleeping on your stomach can reduce snoring and excess sleep during pregnancy but it can give you back aches and neck pain. You can use pillow for more comfortable sleep.

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