Swept Up Rose Braid Bun Hairstyle Step By Step

Hey guys, one more stylish hairstyle tutorial.This braided bun is not complicate to create just look at the steps given with pictures and you can make it in no time.It looks really nice and fashionable.This hairstyle is the perfect choice for some special event Like wedding or any other.
All You need just elastic bands, bobby pins and hair spray.
Take a look:

1. Comb your hairs nicely and from above the ears create a small pony as pictured.

2. Now make a fine looking braid from the pony.

3. Roll the braid to look like a rose.Secure with bobby pins.

4. Divide the remaining hairs in two parts.

5. Take the left side portion and tie it around the rose bun.

6. Now make one more braid from the left side hair and tie it around the rose bun as shown in picture.Apply a hair spray.

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