Seeing Double Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Double braid hairstyles can be made on short to medium sized hair with a lot of ease and with different patterns. You have a choice every time you wish to make a double braid. A different style can be created and you will feel good about it. How to create one? Well you need to divide your hair from the centre first, securing the first half with a clip or rubber band. Then put the rest of the hair towards the side thus dividing your hair in such a fashion. Your hair is now divided into 3 sections. Make sure that they are equal in size.

Then hold the 3 sections in such a way that one is one the left, one is on the middle and one is towards the right hand side of your hand. You need to weave the right section across the middle adjusting the middle section over the right side in such a way that a double braid is created with separate ties. Well this is an easy way to create this style. Make sure you have proper securing pins, rubber bands or clips with you along with a tail comb.

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