New Ideas Red Lips With Brush

So far you have seen various tutorials on applying perfect lipstick and creating various shapes. In all those tutorials we have asked you to first create the outline of your lips shape and then fill the area using the lipstick colors but here we are going differently as we will be picking up the colors with the brush for even more perfect finish.

As a regular practice, first apply the lip balm to bring the moisture on to your lips and remove the dry wrinkles.

Now put some lipstick on to the brush and then apply it to your lips.

Start with your upper lip and continue it to the lower one.

Now once again put some lipstick on to your hand and use it gently with the brush.

It will be to add the spark and some extra glow.

Target it totally to the lower lips.

Now you can see yourself in the mirror and give yourself a perfect smile with these red shiny lips which are so nice to look and gorgeous. So this way we have learned on more way of applying lipstick i.e. with the brush.

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