Natural Smokey Glow Eyes Look with a Special Techniques

It is wonderful idea to enhance your face beauty by giving Smokey effects to the eyes. It is really simple and fast to add such effects, just

follow the given points:
• Wash and clean the eyes.
• Outline the eyes with the help of black pencil. Make the outlines thicker and clear.
• Get a brush and apply the base above the eyelashes and outer area. Try to keep the color balanced.
• Apply the sponge applicator and color the outer area for beautiful and smart eye-shadows look. You can blend it with the help of outlining pencil.
• Apply contour color during the half open eyes to make these more exposing and beautiful.
• Define the outside corners with the help of horizontal styles. “V” shape will give more handy as well as smart look.
• Apply tissue or soft piece of cloth for cleaning the lining borders.

Finally check in mirror, hope all things are ready in proper and balanced way. You can enjoy your parties and functions now confidentially. Save these given steps for Smokey and beautiful eyes and share with your friends as well as family members.

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