Marc Anthony Ponytail on Yourself

A new style ponytail which looks amazing and trendy. Watch it you definitely want to try. This is so simple and best for the beginners who want to try making hairstyles. This is best for night out's. Looks cool with the western dresses. No need to waste time on the complicated hairstyles just see this tutorial and find the best and so easy hairstyle that can be make with very less time. So what are you waiting for try this and have fun.

1. Comb all of your hair in the back as shown in picture.

2. Make a ponytail of all the hairs and secure with the thin headband.

3. Take a small amount of hair and wrap on the base of the ponytail to hide the headband.

4. Secure it with the bobby pins in such a way so that the pins are not visible.

5. You are done.

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