Marble Nail Art Without Water

Marbles are the coolest creation of the glass and it is pretty amazing to think how those colors have reached within the centre of this small sphere and that too in symmetry. Today we are doing marble nail art without using any content of water. Follow us during this step by step tutorial and by the end of this tutorial we will make you comfortable in marble nail art. The steps are easy to follow which you can continue along.

First you need to apply the base coat and I am pretty sure why we have asked you to do this.

Now put some messy blobs of polish to your nails using the zoya purity, xoya ali, zoya manica.

To swirl colors put a square cut up of a sandwich baggie.

You need to put this square piece on to your nails to swirl the colors.

Now remove the plastic square cover.

If need to clean any spill over, use the nail paint remover to gently remove it off your skin.

Your nails are now shining in very unique marble style nail art and you have also learned how to do this.

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