Loose Waves No Heat

If I am not wrong, you might have also encountered with this thought. Is it possible to get the wavy hairs curls without heating them? Usually we use the hair curls which are hot in shape the hairs with the heat mechanism so that they remained wavy afterwards. But with this technique that we are going to share with you, you can have loose waves with almost no heat.

We will be working with the lemons to get it done.

Bring the lemon from your fridge, if you don’t have it bring it from outside.

Cut it into half, the way we used to cut it for the drinks.

Now get the lemon juice mixed with your hairs to give them the wet and ready for the waves.

Now place your hairs as a bunch with the help for the hairs clips.

You can make any number of bunches, the more you create, the more waves will be generated.

After a while, remove the pins and let them loosely wave in the air.

Your straight hairs has now transformed to beautiful waves which are more trendy and fashionable.

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