How to Make Your Forehead Look Smaller with Hairstyles & Top 8 Makeup Tips

Make up helps you look fabulous, no matter whether you have sharp or blunt features. It will help you in outline your beautiful features and distracting spotlight from you’re not so good feature. Here we are discussing some secret tips for those who want to conceal their big forehead. Some quick and easy tips and you are all set to look much prettier than before.

Blush will work like a magic for you. Use some bright color blush like peach and rosy in the upward motion on the cheek bone. It will also help to give you shimmery cheeks.

Dark foundation is equally magical for you. Take at least five shades dark foundation; draw a solid line on circumference of forehead. Blend it properly then apply bronzer for stronger effect.

Using some shimmery highlighter between your eyebrows and blending it outward will draw attention to the center and make forehead look smaller.

Apply 4 shades dark bronzer; apply it from cheek to ear diagonally. This will draw attention from forehead to cheeks.

Apply Bronzer to your temples near hairline and blend it. This will accentuate your bone structure, and attract spotlight to your cheeks and make your forehead look smaller.

Many of girl love to wear eye makeup because it accentuate your features more and in some way also helpful in having focus on your eyes not on forehead.

Bright pink or coral lipstick will also work in same way your eye make-up did.

Angular shape of eyebrow will dramatically change the look of your forehead. Eyebrows are helpful in describing your face structure. That’s why it is very much helpful for you to look younger and thinner.

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